Posted by: laurainguia | November 4, 2008

An online guide to Good Manners

These days we’ll be discussing what good manners means to us and to the rest of the world. Some interesting Internet sites worth checking out include the following:

1- Podcasts (voice recordings) on Good Manners: visit the Modern Manners Guy to read and listen to advice on all sorts of subjects.

2- Watch some videos on a range of topics: general etiquette, dining etiquette, bad habits, communication skills… Very interesting!

3- Why not read some general rules for kids? They might be useful for us too.

4- Are you one of those who can’t get enough of their mobile phone? You know that there’s cell phone etiquette too, don’t you? You can read some suggestions here and here.

5- Have you been invited to a friend’s place for dinner? Remember some basic rules here.

6- Why not contribute to Good Manners Day, participating in this survey.

7- Finally, here you are an interview (dating last September) featuring the anti-good manners character: Dr. House, incarnated by Hugh Laurie. Enjoy!


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