Posted by: laurainguia | November 6, 2008

“They said this day would never come”

This is part of the beginning of Obama’s victory speech. Yesterday was a historic day in the United States. I will publish two authentic texts here:

1- Click here for the video + transcript of Obama’s victory speech, and here for McCain’s concession speech. You can watch, listen and read at the same time! Taken from The New York Times.

2- Second, I’ll copy-paste an email which I received from a friend of mine who lives in Pennsylvania. What do you think?

“Dear all,

I spent election night with my friend Sheila, her daughter, and 2 mad big poodles (hers) until 11pm watching the results. Then came home and watched the loser and winner speeches on the computer! It was amazing.

As Jamie said, Pennsylvania stayed democrat despite a sustained campaign effort from McCain even up to the last day. It was scary as the suburban and rural areas are quite conservative, and Obama had annoyed the working whites, but in the end they all voted for him. I was especially happy at Virginia and Colorado turning democrat, a big loss for the republicans and radical fundamentalists.

There were so many people around the country celebrating last night, tears, fireworks, and a lot of hope. Today reality started, and there is so much to do. But at least there is a feeling that basic rights are on the way back in, and hopefully this administration won’t fall for the same corruption as the last 8 years.

Must get stuff ready for school tomorrow, so more later on! Thanks for all your messages, and I’ll keep in touch, Pam and Verity, in the coming days. Jamie, thanks for the photos!

love Nora”


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