Posted by: laurainguia | January 13, 2009

How to write better

Hi there!writing_studio_write_266845_l

These days we’ll be looking at how to write better. There are several topics I’d like to cover, namely:

  • Proofreading: (what the heck are you talking about, Laura?) well, this is basically revising our written work to self-correct typos or mistakes. Here, the Grammar Girl gives us a few tips which can be very useful.
  • Punctuation: here you have a very interesting article (by her again) about one of our “favourite” punctuation marks- the comma!
  • How to improve our English by using Google: the English Café has published a great article with lots of ideas to use Google as “our English teacher”.
  • When you’re not sure which expression (group of words together) is correct, why not try Google Battle? You enter the two possibilities and they’ll tell you which one is most often used.

Hope these resources help. See you in class.



  1. I liked Google Battle.
    I’m more popular than Bush or Blair
    LOL xD

  2. Ha ha ha Mario. Glad to hear that!

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