Posted by: laurainguia | February 17, 2009

Opinion articles

Hi there guys,

These days we’ll be looking at opinion articles. Why not start reading the one about St. Valentine? (taken from a very funny online newspaper, The Onion: it’s worth a read)

What’s the tone of the article? Do you agree with the views suggested? Or would you prefer the style of the following video? (unbiased, neutral)

Finally: what do you think of St. Valentine’s Day?



  1. St.Valentin’s day is the day to share a nice day with ur love, specially if u r thinking in finish ur relationship. St. Valentin’s day is the day when everybody recive, specialle is u sell flowers or chocolates. St. Valentin’s day is the day to love and be loved in return, specially if u argue with ur partner the rest of the time. It’s the best day of the year, isn’t it ? I hope you enjoyed it and St.Pepitos’ day is coming soon, prepare yourself to give presents and invite your friends for dinner.

  2. The way I see it, St.Valentine´s Day is not a date to give your partner stupid presents as cards, cuddly toys or bunches of died flowers, but in my personal opinion,it is a day to do something different from those things you usually do with him/her, for example going for a relaxing walk through the country side, or watching a good film together while you eat pop corns.

  3. I think, St Valentine´s Day is a commercial day. There are a lot people who celebrate this day giving a presents, flowers o doing a special thing, for example: staying in a luxurious hotel, going out for dinner in an expensive restaurant, and so on…
    and what happens with the rest of the year? Aren´t they falling in love?
    If you are falling in love , you don´t need to give anything. At anytime you can take your partner ,do a special thing and say “I love you”. Besides, that day many hotels and restaurants rise prices. You can use the great amount of money that you spent in that day and spent several times during the year. So, spending much more very good moments together.

  4. St. Valentine’s Day should be a special day to spend with your partner, and also, to do special things. It’s not necessary to buy expensive presents, I think that If you feel comfortable with that person, you will pass the romantic day very happy, and you won’t need presents to be happier.

  5. From my point of view, St. Valentine’s day is not that kind of day where you should lose your head. I mean, someone “lost” his head in the third century and nowadays many people celebrate this day losing their heads and empting their pockets wasting a lot of cash, notes and cards in such useless or overpriced gifts just because of St. V´s day. Then, what will your lover be expecting the next time? You could keep closed your wallet and surprise your partner ever you fancy with a plane tickets to travel abroad or with something which he/she really enjoys, or only turning a normal day in special as often as be possible and not butter your lover up once a year. Have a nice St.V´s day today!

  6. Saint Valentine is just a party for jerks and idiotized people. What it once was the anniversary of a Saint has turned to a commercial festivity where only companies and firms get benefits.What’s the use of taking your couple to a hotel or a luxurious restaurant or buying him/her a present just on one day of the year? If you really love him/her you should do this every day and not because someone else tells you to. LOVE MUST COME FROM YOUR HEART AND NOT FROM SOMEONE ELSE’S MIND. But this is justthe ramblings of a crazy guy so happy Valentine’s Day,

  7. From my point of view, Sant Valentine’s day is a good way to remember us that we shouldn’t fell in routine in our relationships. Not only with our partner, but also with our friends and family. In this way, when we start to criticize what other people only do that they, we realise that we do the same and we need to change it. However, although everybody says it is comercial, gifts are always welcome.

  8. The majority of Christian celebrations have a pagan origin. That is, archaic superstitions and traditions of ancient tribes and cultures were converted into religious festivities. It was a fine form to make good use of previous customs to their own benefit. Most recently, in the past century, the change were happen again. Practically all the religious celebrations have turned into commercial excess days. That’s recycling!

  9. Thank you all for answering; I see each has a different view and all of them are valid. Do you recognize a pattern in your answers?
    Thanks also for the sense of humour!
    PS: I think St. Valentine should be celebrated everyday.

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