Posted by: laurainguia | March 16, 2009

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

The big Irish party is taking place tomorrow, 17th March. It’s St. Patrick’s, stpatricthe day of the patron saint of Ireland. All around the world people feast this event.

Are you interested in the origins of the party? Then click here to read a bit about it, or here to watch a video that explains some amusing facts.

Some parades were already happening yesterday. Chicago is famous for its St. Patrick’s celebrations, did you know that? They even dye the river green! Click here for a great photo gallery of the event.

The Simpsons go green too! Click here to watch the clip.

Finally, to take a quiz on “All things Irish”, click here.

Are you going to any St. Patrick’s party yourselves? Have you ever been to any? Tell us about it!




  1. I was there the magical year! 1988 was the year when Dublin Milennium was celebrated. Imagine what they did on Saint Patrick’s Day- or perhaps I should say days …or weeks. The liffey dyed green and then orange, parties, parades and celebrations everywhere, people having fun no matter whichsoever hour or day. Fortunately, I recorded in my soul every single detail: so many friends I still keep, so many videotapes from every single TV channel too!Oh my Goodness (as they Irish would have said on the occassion) I can´t wait to be up there again ….and again. I feel Irish, part of my heart is still there, and will be forever. God bless Guiness.

  2. Wonderful story! I was there myself in the year 2000, and it was such a great experience too… Everyone dressed in green, all sorts of music and dance in every street, flags, hats all around, children, adults, grandmas… Everyone was involved! And that fact was absolutely amazing. I was thinking: is our patronsaint day the same? NOT at all! We don’t celebrate much, I’d dare say. Or do we?

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