Posted by: laurainguia | April 8, 2009

Speaking tests online for advanced students

talkIn the last post you could find examples about all sorts of exams. You could self-assess online in the reading and writing tests, and I also told you that I would give you some feedback on the writing test in case you wanted to try. But what about the speaking test? How can we practice that? How can we get ourselves in a real “exam” situation?

Splendid Speaking gave me a solution last week. Here is the text of the email they sent me:

Are you preparing for an advanced English exam like BEC Higher, CAE, CPE or IELTS (Grade 6.5 and upwards) and need to practise for the Speaking paper? Perhaps there’s a particular part of the exam that you’d like to try and get feedback on such as making introductions, discussing, negotiating or making long turns. The Splendid Speaking team invite our users to contact us to arrange a free interview through Skype. Interviews last about 15 minutes and if your request is successful you’ll be interviewed on your own or in pairs.”

Interesting, isn’t it? Would you like to try? For more information, click here. Good luck!



  1. Where would I find some of the sample oral exams? this page is very interesting.



  2. Thanks for your comment, María. What kind of samples are you interested in? For example, Cambridge tests or EOI ones? I’ll be publishing some EOI ones soon (“weather permitting”).

  3. Laura I am very interested in samples EOI test. I´ll be waiting for this ones,
    Thanks in advanced!
    I´m studying in Telde and I find this website very very interesting in order to improve my English!!

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