Posted by: laurainguia | April 12, 2009

Free writing practice (and more)

Hi again! I juitestsst came up with this website by Longman in which you can do lots of exam practice. There are some activities you have to pay for, but still there are many which can be tried for free. These are some of the things you could do:

– Register here, so that you can have access to some free reading and listening tests.

– Take a placement test to see what Cambridge exam would be right for you.

– Have a look at their list of some of the common errors they’ve found in written tasks.

– Read some useful exam taking tips so that you get ready for your incoming tests.

– And, why not? Submit a written task to them: they will mark it for you. All you have to do is click here and you will get this message: “Do you want to do FREE writing practice for PET, FCE, CAE or IELTS and have it marked by an experienced exam marker? Just log into the site, choose and write the essay you want to try, and we will email your results to you.

Hope you like it! Please tell me if it works for you.


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