Posted by: laurainguia | September 21, 2009

Questions and Answers

Hi there! I’m glad to have met you all and start working already.


Photo by el_davo

The first Internet site I’d like to suggest today is Q&A, a series of interviews published weekly in The Guardian. There you’ll find public figures supplying interesting answers to very particular questions. Why not check it out? You’ll find people such as Bruce Willis, Pamela Anderson, Amy Winehouse, Marilyn Manson, Lily Allen, Annie Lennox, David Hasselhoff (The Knight Rider)…

Another series that caught my attention was the one called “This much I know“, in which “Celebrities share the lessons life has taught them“. A different style of interview altogether.

Tired of reading? Do you feel like listening to a different sort of famous people then? There’s a website on the BBC called Audio Interviews; it’s no longer updated but it still contains a whole load of audio interviews of people of all times (dead and alive!). No transcriptions are available, but the interviews are worth listening to (Coppola, Bob Marley, Dalai Lama, Alfred Hitchcock, Agatha Christie…)

Which of the three series do you prefer? Are you interested in the lives (or at least in the opinions) of celebrities? What kind of well-known people catch your eye? (writers, pop singers, politicians, actors…)



  1. Q & A: that´s an interest way to read about people you like it or not, because they tell us things about their project lives or life in general. I was reading an interview from Yoko Ono, I think she is interesting because she has lived a life full of diferent emotions.

  2. I liked the Q&A of Amy Winehouse. It seemed to me that it is very interesting because she tells curiosities about her personal and profesional life. I think that she is one of the most famous singers of pop music at the moment.

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