Posted by: laurainguia | October 21, 2009

The “other” medicine

I’ve found an interesting blog that gives readers advice on healthy habits.

Taken from Zen Habits

Taken from Zen Habits

The different thing about it is that they’re not “medical” recommendations, but “alternative” ones (getting organized, breathing, simplifying your life, focusing, meditating, etc). Go and check it out here: Zen habits.

I have some questions for you guys.

  • To what extent do you care about your health?
  • Do you believe in alternative medicine? (acupunture, homeopathy, etc.)
  • What’s your opinion about the Zen Habits blog? All sorts of opinions are welcome.

Thanks for your participation.



  1. Well, I try to have a healthy life in order to feel better with myself, but not for society´s rules. For example, I used to smoke when I was younger and I gave it up five years ago, as I knew that bad habit was killing me. Now, my sense of smell is outstanding. What´s more, I´m use to going cycling or playing paddle and after do it, I feel completely relaxed and full of energy. About food, I don´t eat meat, except the animal is brought up by a friend or a known person, although I know food we usually buy at market has a lot of chemical products, too.
    From my point of view, alternative medicine can work for some illnesses, not for all, but many governments don´t let this kind of medicine grows up due to chemical´s power. If I´m sick, I prefer to take natural medicine instead of tradicional one.
    For expample today, I´ve taken a “pony tail” jejejeje infusion, sorry but I don´t know how it´s called in English, for an infection.
    Finally, in my opinion, the blog is a great tool and can be quite useful. If your life is a mess or maybe you´re stressful, you can change your daily habits following some tips there, in order to get a “Zen Life”.

  2. I think, I am a healthy person because I always care about my health. I try to eat food without fat, like fish,some meat,vegetables and fruit. Moreover, I play tennis twice a week and sometimes I practise other sports, so I feel better and I can be fit.
    In my opinion alternative medicine, such us acumpunture or homeopathy could be healthier and better that the another one, because it is made by ecologyc products and cannot damage our health. However, this kind of medicine might not be used in all illnesses bacause some of them need a particular medicine.
    In conclusion, it seems to me that this blog could help people who have healthy problems because it has many solutions.

  3. I think that if someone have health problems and one alternative doesn’t work, it not a bad idea to try other ones. In which order try the alternatives? That’s something everyone has to decide.

    About the ZEN blog, in my opinion, it’s useful that someone tells the rest of the world something he has found good for him, because perhaps it can be beneficial for more people, but it can be counterproductive for other people.

    Aren’t we so stressed, among other reasons, because the amount of rules and timetables we have to follow everywhere all day long (at work, at shops, at schools, on the road, at home…)? Adding more rules like getting up early to write, give thanks and see the sunrise doesn’t seem to me the best way of reducing my stress. But this is just my opinion.

  4. Well, l’m a healthy man with healthy habits. For example, l drink 2 litres of water every day, (it helps to depure my body), after that, l have breakfast (in my opinion the most important food in the day), it contains: fruits, soja milk and toast with olive oil.
    From my point of view, if you rest fine at night, you’ll feel better all day and of course, to do some exercise, l walk 10 km, four times per week.
    I strongly believe that illness is relationated with a mind state( obviously illness is a physical state also, for example: if you break a leg…).
    Alternative medicine could be a solutions to many health problems relationated with stress or insomnia, in my opinion. However, in many health problems you have to resort conventional medicine.
    All things considered, it’s seems to me that good habits could provide you a healthy life, and remember. MENS SANA IN CORPORE SANO.

    Finally, the Zen blog provides me good tips in order to have a healthy life.

  5. Well I´m a healthy person. I don´t smoke or drink just in parties and I don´t go out very often. I try to eat vegetables, fruits and those kind of food without fat. I´m a slim person I think just in the right weight. However I realise that my real problem is that I get nervous very easy, I think It´s because I´m always thinking about working so I need to go out more often, because I think It´s important to have a social live which in my case doesn´t exist and it will help me to be less shy with people.
    I´m use to be always looking at the watch to get on time to different lessons so that kind of life make me feel really mentally tired. I think it would be very pleasant to do yoga or some type of activity to forget about the stress.
    Personally I must do exercise for instance tennis or volley in order to have stronger musles. It is going to help me to be strong and to create a good position of my back.
    In my opinion Zen blog is a good idea because give us good advices to have a better life.
    I´m changing my way of life and I think meditation is a great way to get positive energy and forget about bad thoughts.
    Sometimes just a smile can make you feel a new person.

  6. I think I’m not the most healthy person in the world, but I have some healthy habits such as go swimming every week if I can, or don’t eat food that has so much fat every day (when I go out with friends we’re used to go to fast-food restaurants becauste it’s cheaper).

    Well, I haven’t tried with alternative medicines because I don’t have any serious health problem, but I think it’s good to try with these methods, even if traditional medicine can’t solve our diseases.

    About the Zen Habits blog, I took an eye on it and I found lots of clues to help us on our diary lives. I heard about Zen lifestyle some time ago, but I didn’t know exactly what was that; maybe I can discover it with the blog.

  7. Well, I considerate me to be a healthy person because of my food variety, the phisical excersice I practise.I usually try to eat fruit and vegetables, prevent fast-food.Some healthy habits I have are practising sports like basketball, surfing…

    The answer to the question about believing in alternative medicine is YES. I know about some cases in which people have tried all kind of medicine and they don’t find a cure.Finally they resort to alternative medicine and they get well.

    On the one hand, using alternative medicine is good for your health because you do not use normal medicine that can demage you.

    On the other hand, there are some illness that olny can be cured by another type of medicine.

    In my opinion Zen Habits is a way to learn somethin abuot alternative medicine and I can use it in my life.

  8. I think the most of advices of Zen habits are good for our health. When we take care our diet, do exercise, play some sport and find time to spent with our friends, we feel better and happier.

    In my opinion, the stress is the worst thing for our health. By this reason, I used to practise the Pilates Method. If you don’t know it, I recommend it. It’s a fantastic way of relaxing and taking care.

    On the other hand, I’m not agree with rising early makes you healthy. It makes me feel tired. So, I suppose that each person will have to look for his own solutions.

  9. I have ever had a healthy live .I don´t have harmful habits like smoking, drinking alcohol,or taking drugs,and fat meals are not included in my diet.But I recognise that I only practise exercise when I watch it on Tv, and,I don´t like .

    About alternative medicine ,I have tried twice and I can´t say that I would recomend you,because in my case it wasn´t a solution for my health problem,and at the end I felt worst.So, I think that when you have a serious illness ,you must go to the specialist who has the knowledges that you need for being bettter.A tea cup can´t solve all the health problems,and I say this because they usually give the same prescription for all the diseases.Believe me!.

    In order to the Zen blog , I haven´t heard about this method before,but I think that is a good way for changing our lifestyle.Sometimes, the best body treatments are in our mind.

  10. I strongly believe that in our mind are the key of the good health and our positive thoughts even. So if we were optimistic people we could feel well, many of times when we´ve felt bad.
    I know that some health problems can be really bad but positive thoughts,do some exercises like Zen or Longevity could change them.
    I was doing Longevity (exercises with mind and body) and I felt better with some pains I had in my back.

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