Posted by: laurainguia | November 3, 2009

Dressed to kill

Yesterday in class we had a look at the world of clothes. Would you like to expand your vocabulary? Choose from this list of different activities:


By Dheeraj Harjani

1- Vocabulary:

  • Idioms: what does “dressed to kill” mean? What about “putting on your thinking cap”?  What’s a “wolf in sheep’s clothing”? Click here to find out.
  • Verbs: wear or dress? Check out this list to enlarge your vocabulary on verb phrases.

2- British fashion: Is there such a thing? Read a nice article here (taken from Visit Britain) . If you are interested in the national dress of each country, click here.

Do have a look at the following websites: (taken from Learning English) “For Mens and Ladies clothes – urban wear and designer wear try The Clothes Store. Two of the most famous (or infamous) designers in the UK are Zandra Rhodes and, slightly less controversial; Paul Smith, check out their web sites and see what you think“.

3- Feel like watching some videos instead? Why not start with a piece of advice on Fashion Fundamentals and move on to Fashion Rules and (your favourite section, I’m sure!) to other videos categorized under “All About Shoes“.

4- Clothes quiz: Please browse through the following shops and answer these questions:

1- What’s a hoodie?
2- What’s a duffle coat?
3- What’s a waistcoat?
4- Why do we end these words with “wear”?: swimwear, knitwear, leisurewear, nightwear, footwear…

Men’s catalogues
Marks & Spencer
Saks Fifth Avenue

Women’s catalogues
Top Shop
Saks Fifth Avenue
Dorothy Perkins



  1. Five photos from the Wallis “Dress to Kill” ad campaign:

    One picture is worth than a thousand words.

  2. Oh! Thank you Carlos for your link!!

    I´m not a very trendy person but I try to wear clothes that fit me. I realise that for men this is very important they just go mad when they see a woman wearing pretty clothes. I think it´s psicological because for us it isn´t so important or at least for me. I combine colors and choose what I think it is the best for me but that´s all.
    It doesn´t matter for me if Idon´t look like a model.

  3. Great link Carlos, thanx a lot!
    Remember Bruno’s quote? “Fashion saves a lot more lives than doctors!”
    Excerpt from the interview here:

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