Posted by: laurainguia | December 7, 2009

Revision of files 1 and 2 + Listening practice

Hi again!

Just a quick note to let you know how to revise the contents of the course so far. There are many ways, but I’ll only suggest a few:

1- Visit Oxford’s website and explore it. You’ll find grammar exercises, vocabulary, a pronunciation guide and so on.

2- Last day you were concerned about listening. Why not visit the following websites?

* English listening exercises: a website devoted to the practice of this skill.

* For a more realistic approach try English Conversations. Recordings of real everyday conversations.

* The Voices recordings: a BBC project with clips capturing 1,200 people in conversation. “Some of the clips are people talking about language – slang, dialect, taboo words, accents. Other clips cover all sorts of subjects and simply offer a flavour of how we talk today.” NOTE: (you need to install Real Player to listen to these voices).

* In the mood for some fun? Then go to Comedy Clips and Funny stuff, also within the BBC site.

Hope you get more confident when listening…


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