Posted by: laurainguia | January 28, 2010

Climate change debate

Hi everyone!

I’d like to write these post on behalf of Carlos, Cristina and Jesús, who have contributed these days to the climate change debate with videos, links and all sorts of information.

1. Everything started with this video suggested by Carlos, which was the trigger of a highly interesting discussion. There had been a related post in the past, in the intermedio’s blog.

2. Later, Cristina suggested these online articles for us to read:

3. And last but not least, Jesús has written this article plus some graphics:

First of all, from the robbed e-mails to a Climate Research Unit (University of East Anglia) by a hacker, I don´t see that the scientists are lying or a global conspiration. If  you read the emails, you will see different opinions about the conclusions about the results (they are trying to explain us the results as better as possible). Moreover, you will read that they have had technical problems with electronics device or the personal relationships among scientists. There are problems in all jobs. Here you are the link:

Secondly, what would happen if the temperature rises 4ºC? here you are a link showed by the British government:

Thirdly, here you are more links:

Finally, I attach a pdf file and the link from Nature Magazine, one of the most prestigious scientific magazine, about the research on climatic change in 2009:

Futhermore, a link of NOOA about CO2 in the atmosphere:

Thanks for your interest and participation in the debate, guys!



  1. I really appreciate the information which has been left by Jesus, but can we really trust in data and graphics which are made by the same people who have admitted the emails?????
    and what about the magazines???? Are they out of control???? Unfortunately, not. They just publish the articles that support “the oficial theory”, so I can´t trust them, neither. Many cientists aren´t allowed to publish their articles in that kind of magazines because they don´t agree with the man- made climate change. They think it´s a complicated-natural process and different depends on the part of the planet. For instance, the glaciers in the Artic are melting but in the Antartic are growing. What´s more, they definitely deny the catastrophic future of the planet.
    Please, if you´re interested in this topic, have a look on the net about the last BIG LIE admitted by Ragendra Pachauri, the IPCC´s director. They predicted the Himalaya´s glaciers will have melted by the 2035 and now they say it´s was a mistake…

  2. It seems that scientists have omitted some data for showing their conclusions. Am I the only one who thinks that the journalists have done exactly the same? Journalists’ point of view are usually extremely changeable, checking it is’ as easy as change the TV channel.

    In any case, the articles talk about a certain group of scientist, not about all the scientists in the world who say that the climate change is real.

    What I know is that if I had to choose between going on polluting and devastating natural resources or trying to be more ecological, I would definitely choose the second choice, but of course, we can always go on calling liars ones to each others while living in the first choice.

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