Posted by: laurainguia | May 5, 2010

Guest post: Free E-learning Resources for English Teachers and Students

Once more, we have a guest post written by Karen Schweitzer. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it as much as I did.

“Integrating the web into the classroom or encouraging students to take advantage of online self-learning materials can be a great way to supplement current lesson plans. The following e-learning resources would serve as a nice addition to almost any curriculum.

FreeRice – Created by the United Nations World Food Program, FreeRice is a revolutionary site that allows visitors to practice English vocabulary and end world hunger in the process. For every question that is answered correctly in the FreeRice trivia game, ten grains of rice are donated to hungry people.

VerbaLearn – This vocabulary learning site allows users to review English words and quiz themselves online for free. Questions that are answered incorrectly on quizzes are automatically placed on handy study lists.

Popling – Popling is a desktop application that makes it easy to learn English (or anything else) with flashcards that pop up on your computer screen. The app gives users the option of studying existing flashcards or creating original Popling cards.

Fit Brains – Fit Brains is a free gaming website that allows users to play free brain-training games and puzzles. The most useful games on the site for English students include Paradise Island 2 and Wildword Garden, both of which teach English vocabulary.

LingQ – LingQ is a popular language learning site that combines lessons with social networking. Teachers and students who sign up for a free membership can practice LingQ lessons, make friends in the community, join live conversations, and have writing corrected by native speakers.

ESL Fast Robot – In addition to offering resources for the classroom and independent learning, ESL Fast also provides two online robots that can be used to practice English conversations. The robots are programmed to chat about more than 2,000 different things.

ESL Tower – ESL Tower provides students and teachers with a wide range of grammar and vocabulary exercises that can be printed or studied online.

Project Gutenberg – Project Gutenberg produces and links to free print and audio books that can be found online. These books provide great reading and listening practice for English students.

Yugma – Yugma is web conferencing software that makes it easy for teachers and students to share screens and communicate with a built-in instant messaging feature. The free version of Yugma supports up to 20 attendees.

LectureTools – This site provides a unique set of educational tools that can be used to share slides and learning objects, upload podcasts, manage lectures, and monitor student understanding. LectureTools is free for instructors at any U.S. or Canadian college or university.

Guest post from education writer Karen Schweitzer. Karen is the Guide to Business School. She also writes about online degree programs for”



  1. Here is another great resource for learning new vocabulary.

  2. good resource for students specially, i knw a alot of them don’t have proper english support, i’ll send this bookmark to them. thank you.

  3. Nice Post 🙂

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